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Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions and Contracts

Our work’s dynamics are more evident in mergers & acquisitions operations, an area in which ATN makes the difference due to its team  widely experienced in negotiating acquisition structures with a business-oriented mindset. The drafting of commercial contracts with various complexity levels, both national and international, and from several different economy sectors, is part of our routine.

The clients are advised in a proactive way by professionals with international experience in the course of the negotiations, always promoting a coordinated and integrated operation among professionals of other Law areas who may also provide support to the transactions.

A combination of experience with corporate vision is what ATN uses to facilitate our clients’ projects, turning ATN’s consulting services into an advantage, especially when more sophisticated contracts are involved.

Our services include:

  • Consulting services in the preparation of data-rooms (physical or virtual)
  • Conduction of due diligences, with the preparation of the respective reports
  • Planning, structuring, negotiation and implementation of transactions involving the purchase and sale of ownership interests, formation of joint ventures and other types of strategic alliances and associations among domestic companies or involving foreign companies
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts, reflecting the structure of the transactions envisaged
  • Creation, revision and assistance in the implementation of corporate governance rules
  • Consulting services in divestiture operations
  • Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts for companies of several economy sectors, both in domestic and cross-border deals
  • Review of intra-group contract practices

Understanding the dynamics of companies from different economy sectors is essential to the provision of excellent legal corporate services.